For over 30 years, Hans Luquire, President/Founder of Hans Heating and Air, has owned and operated a heating and air conditioning company.

Because of his innovative business operations, his extensive industry knowledge and experience, his dedication to delivering exceptional customer service, and his insistence to operate with the utmost honesty and integrity, other heating and air conditioning companies across the United States and Canada began consulting him for assistance with improving their businesses starting in the late 1980s.

This eventually led to the formation of The EverRest Group, one of the HVAC industry’s largest, most powerful contractor organizations. Hans Heating and Air serves as both the blueprint and gold standard for The EverRest Group. Members of The EverRest Group have access to the ins-and-outs of Hans Heating and Air, including business operations, finances, and marketing information.



While the primary reason we aim to provide exceptionally efficient and effective customer service and products is because it’s what you deserve—it’s the right thing to do—we’ve taken that a step further: Because Hans Heating and Air also serves as the model for the 1,400+ national members of The EverRest Group, you can be assured that Hans Heating and Air has even more incentive to provide you with the absolute best in expedient service/repairs, premiere quality equipment and installations, and friendly, knowledgeable customer service.

Hans Heating and Air is the only HVAC company in the United States that also serves as the model for success in the HVAC industry. We say this not to brag or boast, but rather to give you the extra confidence of knowing that doing business with Hans Heating and Air means that we’re going to do our best, give our best, and provide the best—and you’ll get the best. Over 1,400 other HVAC companies around the world count on us…and you can, too!