When installing a new forced air HVAC system for a newly built property or replacing the HVAC system infrastructure in an older home, custom ductwork offers benefits you won’t find with prefabricated ducts. Learn about the benefits of custom ductwork design and fabrication straight from the  duct professionals at Hans Heating and Air.

HVAC Efficiency and Indoor Comfort Are Up to the Ducts

Many Montgomery, Alabama, area homeowners aren’t aware of the role a home’s duct system plays in total comfort as well as your HVAC system’s efficiency. In these two very important areas, ductwork makes all the difference. 

Standard ductwork design cannot ensure a perfect fit for the complexities of your home’s layout and construction. In homes deemed “difficult” where ducts are concerned, existing systems are often cobbled together in impractical ways. This is due to the limitations of basic ductwork, and this nonsensical design can’t even begin to address the unique comfort needs that arise in such a home. A poorly designed duct system can be found to restrict airflow, cutting comfort off to certain living areas and, in turn, limiting the efficiency of heating and cooling equipment.

Standard ducts are pre-sized, meaning the duct installer is stuck with the limited range of available sizes to make it work in a home with varying needs. Available pieces must be run where they can, which isn’t typically the optimal or most efficient choice. It’s rare such a duct system is perfectly sized for the home and the heating and cooling equipment, which produces opportunities for energy waste, on top of poor duct positioning, which augments inefficiencies.

Custom Ductwork Overcomes HVAC Challenges

Custom ductwork does away with the inherent inefficiencies of standard duct systems and leaves no excuses for poor design pieced together from poorly fitting parts. With ducts designed and fabricated specifically for your home’s layout and its heating and air conditioning equipment, your household will experience comfort like never before at a cost you’ll also find very cozy.

When it comes to energy efficiency…

Custom ductwork offers unmatched performance. By eliminating the one-size-fits-all approach to duct design, each piece of ducting is built to the exact specifications required by your home’s design. This leads to optimal air distribution and better HVAC system performance. For example, oversized ducts force your home’s HVAC system to run over, while undersized ducts struggle to move air through the ducts.

When it comes to comfort…

Custom ductwork delivers customized comfort throughout the entire home’s living spaces. With custom ductwork designed for your home and not around your home, better temperature consistency is reached from one room to the next. Homes with custom duct systems aren’t likely to require supplemental heating or air conditioning sources in certain areas.

Custom ductwork is fabricated to fit the specifications needed to facilitate optimal duct positioning through the entire home. Structural and architectural challenges no longer pose a roadblock as custom solutions are built to work within the space, allowing for optimal placement in the home.

Custom Ductwork Solutions from Hans Heating and Air

With custom ductwork, you can overcome the challenges your older duct system presents or free yourself from design restrictions. Custom ductwork is the solution needed for optimal comfort and heating and air conditioning energy efficiency. Call Hans Heating and Air today to consult with our custom ductwork designers regarding your project.