Air Conditioning Repair

Common Causes for AC Repair in Montgomery, AL


Faulty wiring

Faulty wiring is often caused by an untrained handyman and is a major concern. Bad wiring can prevent the unit from getting sufficient power or cause the circuit breaker to trip often. Not only is this issue keeping your Montgomery air conditioning unit from top performance, but it’s also a safety hazard, as fires can easily ignite. Our certified heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality contractors can inspect the wiring if there is a problem and repair and fix any problems the faulty wiring induced.

Low or no refrigerant

Refrigerant is the chemical needed to cool the air the AC unit produces. Decreased levels of refrigerant could be a sign of a leak or other problems. Leaks need to be repaired as soon as possible. With our experienced team of heating and cooling experts, refrigerant dilemmas are repaired for smooth operation.

Exterior AC unit is malfunctioning

The fan’s primary function is to convey the heat from the home or business to the outside air. With the fan not in working order, the proper heat transfer will not take place, and the AC unit’s compressor could overheat, potentially setting the safety overload. Internal damage could also be inflicted to the compressor if the problem persists. If the fan isn’t the cause, the thermostat could be the result of power issues. When the exterior unit is not up to par, Hans has the heating and air conditioning service specialists in Montgomery, AL, on the case to determine the problem and repair the unit.

Frozen coils

Insufficient airflow is generally the cause of frozen coils. Filthy filters, obstructed air ducts or reduced levels of refrigerant are contributing factors to frozen coils. Our Montgomery, AL, cooling pros are trained to use appropriate methods and techniques to locate and find the problems concerned with frozen coils.

Here’s What to Expect If You Call Hans for HVAC Repair:


1. 24-Hour Service.

If you need emergency AC repair at night, on the weekend, or on a holiday — one of our dispatchers will schedule a service technician to visit your residential or commercial establishment and perform emergency AC repair in Montgomery, AL, that very day — guaranteed.

 2. Promptness.

Our experienced service technicians know that one of the most important aspects of their job is to get to your home when they’re supposed to be there. If on the off chance there are extenuating circumstances preventing them from being there at the time we quoted, you will receive a phone call from us beforehand.

3. Respect. Cleanliness. Professionalism.

The service industry is somewhat notorious for sending employees to homes who are not trained to respectfully speak to customers. They arrive looking disheveled (at best), their trucks are dirty, etc. That’s not how we conduct business at Hans.

We strive for excellence and a higher level of professionalism. You can expect Hans’ HVAC technicians to be clean-cut and well-spoken; we will arrive in clean trucks and clean uniforms, with shirts tucked in. Our technicians are and present themselves as the kind of people that you want to come inside your home.

4. Quality. Thoroughness. Dedication.

Our heating and air conditioning technicians are trained not only to detect and diagnose common air conditioner issues, but they’re also trained to go above and beyond to ensure your comfort and safety. Put it this way, if you take your car to the shop for an oil leak, but they also detect a flat tire, would they fix just the leak and not the flat tire? You’d want them to fix the flat tire, too.

Your comfort and safety are important to us, and we don’t take it lightly. We know the cost of cutting corners — and it’s not worth it. If you want the bare minimum, we probably aren’t the right company for you. Think of us like a race car driver’s pit crew: we effectively and efficiently cover all the bases. Then, we’re on our way and out of your hair.

5. Verification.

Any AC component malfunctions or repairs that our technicians detect must be verified by a supervisor. Why? Two eyes are better than one; it eliminates mistakes. It’s a safeguard to protect technicians from being overzealous or greedy. It prevents you from being misled. If your equipment needs to be repaired or replaced, our supervisor will head to your house immediately to either confirm or deny the issue — you will not be left waiting.

 6. Resolution.

If your Montgomery, AL, AC needs to be repaired, we can fix it. If a part needs to be replaced, we can replace it. If your entire system needs to be replaced, we can do that, too.

Here’s what you WON’T experience: a two-hour sales presentation, high-pressure sales tactics, or money-hungry greediness. We don’t do sales presentations. We simply tell you what we’ve discovered and offer you a solution — you decide what you want to do. This takes a maximum of 15 minutes, but we’ll stay longer to answer all of your questions.

7. Honesty and Integrity.

If there’s one thing we absolutely insist upon, it’s that every facet of our company — and every member within it — operates with honesty and integrity.

In fact, Hans Air was nominated as a recipient of the “Business Ethics Award” for medium-sized businesses in Montgomery, AL. The nomination for the “Business Ethics Award” was determined by extensive studies, including but not limited to financial background, customer case studies, interviews, etc., carried out by graduate students at Auburn University Montgomery. For more information, click here.

With our routine maintenance plan, premium quality products, and specialized equipment installation, the chances of your HVAC system needing an emergency repair drastically decrease. That said, your AC unit is a machine, and, unfortunately, machines break…especially in Montgomery’s intense climate.

Hans Heating and Air isn’t the only heating and air conditioning service company in town, we’re not the largest HVAC company in town, and we’re neither the most expensive nor the cheapest…However, we are the only HVAC company in town that guarantees comfort or you don’t pay!

When it comes to your physical, emotional, and mental well-being, isn’t same-day, express service the most important factor? We think so.

We think it’s important that we treat you and your home with the utmost respect — because you deserve it. Same-day service isn’t our only guarantee; we also guarantee that everyone you encounter within Hans Air — whether it be our dispatchers, customer-care callers, managers, technicians, installers, etc. — will be happy, polite, accommodating, and respectful. If on the off chance you have an experience to the contrary, we promise to do everything within our power to make things right with you.

No high-pressure sales tactics — ever! If you’re in need of HVAC repair and/or needing a brand new AC unit, we will never pressure you to make this decision; it’s not the way we operate. Our company was built on great customer service, and we’ll live up to your expectations.

Get Comfort Today Or You Don’t Pay!

At Hans Heating and Air, you get this area’s highest ranked service provider with 24-hour repair service, no overtime charges, and our same day service guarantee. Plus, instead of other company’s 30-day repair warranty, we give you a 3-year repair warranty.