Think it’s too late for an air conditioning tune up? Not the case! Tune ups for an air conditioning system happen year-round. Don’t worry if you think tune up season ended –  Hans Heating & Air performs tune ups any time of year. 

Beat the heat in Alabama with the help of Hans! In this blog, we’ll cover quick tips for saving money and increasing comfort in your home this summer. Plus, we’ll review the various tasks HVAC techs perform during a tune up so you know what to expect. 

Air Conditioning Tune Up Tips

Spring came and went, but you forgot to schedule air conditioning maintenance? While springtime is usually the time to schedule a tune up, it’s okay to schedule service during the summer, too. 

Sometimes we forget our air conditioning needs TLC to work properly. Your air conditioner is one of the most expensive appliances in your home. Take care of it so it takes care of you! 

Schedule a visit

First and foremost, schedule a maintenance check as soon as possible. A tune up is essential for the functionality of your air conditioning system. To avoid unexpected breakdowns, you need to schedule tune ups at least twice a year—one in the spring and another in the fall. 

This ensures your entire system, air conditioning and heating, works properly year round. An air conditioning tune up in the summer still gets the job done!

Tune ups save money

No matter when tune ups are scheduled, you save money in the long run. Well-maintained systems reduce the risk of breakdowns, lower energy use, and drop costs. Because of the energy efficiency of maintained systems, utility bills lower over time. 

Without a tune up, systems become outdated and use more energy than necessary. You still save money if you schedule a visit in the summer.

Change thermostat settings

While you wait for your summertime air conditioning tune up, adjust the settings on the thermostat. A quick check on your thermostat ensures the temperature stays comfortable. 

Smart thermostats adjust the temperature for you based on the environment. It’s worth a check in case you don’t have a smart thermostat and didn’t know. 

Check filters

Another quick check before your summer visit relates to filters. Check if your filters are especially filled with dirt, dust, or other air pollutants. A technician changes it in a maintenance visit—but make a note to check it monthly. 

Don’t wait for seasonal tune ups. Dirty filters cause lots of problems, so check it regularly and change as needed. Besides, it improves air quality almost instantly.

What Happens During an Air Conditioning Tune Up?

Now that your tune up is scheduled, what goes into maintenance? 

  • Refrigerant check. First, a technician checks the refrigerant level in the air conditioning system. Low refrigerant levels mean there is a potential leak. Under no circumstances should you check refrigerant yourself. Because of its high toxicity, only trained HVAC technicians handle refrigerant problems. 
  • Electrical check. Electrical connections to an air conditioning system loosen over time. With loose connections, air conditioning ceases to work at its best. Technicians check these connections to ensure the system works with the electrical. 
  • Visual inspection. An air conditioning tune up usually starts with a visual inspection to check for obvious problems. Issues with the system are caught quickly in this inspection, which prevents larger problems down the line.
  • Check condensate drain. Next, the HVAC technician clears out the condensate drain. This keeps mold, water damage, and irregular temperatures away. Accumulated moisture in the condensate drain causes problems, so it must be emptied in a tune up.
  • Part lubrication. Then, parts in the system are lubricated to ensure everything works together smoothly. Parts without lubrication hinder the functionality of an air conditioning system. However, lubricated parts improve the overall quality of your air conditioning because fewer problems occur when everything runs as it should.

Contact Us to Book Your Air Conditioning Tune Up

Spring ended, but that doesn’t mean your air conditioning tune up needs to wait until the fall. Schedule a summer maintenance check to ensure the quality of your air conditioning. 

Remember, it saves money because your AC system runs more efficiently and it provides better comfort and reliability. Temperatures in Alabama are far too high to wait until next year for your tune up, so give Hans Heating & Air a call today to schedule a visit or book online. We serve homes throughout the Montgomery, Alabama area, so give us a call.