Oftentimes, homeowners don’t notice their heating system isn’t working until their furnace blows cold air. At that point, your home may be cold enough to disrupt your everyday activities, which makes relaxing and sleeping difficult. Fortunately, when you are able to spot the issue quickly and know which steps to take next, you prevent problems and keep your home comfortable. 

Why Furnaces Blow Cold Air & What To Do Next

When your heater isn’t working properly and is blowing cold air, don’t despair. Here are the reasons your system is not producing warm air, and what to do. 

Improper Thermostat Settings

Every thermostat has two air blower settings: auto and on. Sometimes, in an attempt to turn on their furnaces, families accidentally switch the blower setting to “on,” which does not automatically produce hot air. Instead, the “on” setting runs the fan constantly, with the furnace operating intermittently. 

The “on” setting is helpful if you require more ventilation, such as if you have allergies or if you need your home to circulate air to improve filtration periodically. If your furnace starts to blow cold air, it is possible that your system is set to “on,” instead of auto. 

To lower your energy costs and only run your fan blower when the system is heating your home, stick to the “auto” setting. Make sure the date and time are correct on your thermostat so programmed settings function as expected, and that the heat setting is appropriate for the time of day. 

Non Functional Pilot Light or Heating Element

When pilot lights or heating elements fail, your furnace will not push out warm air. Pilot lights are responsible for providing a continuous flame that ignites your heating fuel. If the pilot light doesn’t ignite the fuel, your furnace is unable to provide you with the warmed air you need. Damaged heating elements of electric furnaces also cause your furnace to blow cold air. 

Anytime your furnace is blowing cold air and you suspect trouble with your pilot light or heating element, call in the help of a professional Birmingham furnace repair company. Repairs such as a new heating element or pilot light are often needed to return your furnace to normal operation. Hans Heating & Air offers service 24/7/365 – we help you regardless of the time of day. 

Dirty Flame Sensor

Flame sensors are short, metallic rods that detect the presence of a flame ignited in your furnace. If your flame sensor is dirty or damaged, it signals to your furnace to turn off after a few seconds because it is unable to detect the flame. This issue causes short cycling and cold air. If your furnace blows cold air and appears to be short cycling or struggling to switch on properly, an HVAC professional is needed to clean your existing sensor or replace your furnace’s ignition system. 

Poor Air Circulation

If your furnace filter needs to be replaced or your ductwork is filled with dust and grime, these issues impact air circulation. Poor airflow puts extra strain on your system and sometimes makes it feel like your feeling cold air. You don’t feel as much airflow from your vents, and the airflow it does produce does not feel properly warmed, since air does not circulate efficiently through the system. 

Professionals inspect the interior of your system carefully to determine if dust and grime accumulation is at fault, and clean the main components during routine tune ups. 

When Should You Call In A Pro?

If simple troubleshooting steps do not restore warm air, it is time to call for help from a qualified HVAC technician. Don’t hesitate to call Hans Heating & Air anytime your furnace blows cold air. We focus our attention to narrow down the cause of the problem and resolve it quickly and efficiently. We want you to enjoy a warm, safe home once again. 

We Offer Free Estimates

Our goal is to give our clients full control over their heating and air conditioning repairs, which is why we offer free estimates when your furnace blows cold air. We also never charge overtime, and we offer a complimentary three-year guarantee on repairs. When you work with our team, we want you to know you can count on the work that we do. Contact us today for furnace repair service