Hans Heating and Air: Business Ethics Award Finalist

Each year, The Samaritan Center nominates local businesses within the small, medium, and large business categories (3 businesses per category) as potential recipients for their Award for Ethics in Business. The recipients are chosen based upon extensive research conducted by graduated students at Auburn University in Montgomery.

In 2016, Hans Heating and Air was nominated, amongst 2 other finalists, in the medium sized business category, as a recipient of this prestigious award. We say this not to brag or boast, but rather to assure you that when you do business with Hans Heating and Air, you can be assured that we’re operating with the utmost loyalty, honesty, and integrity.

In an industry that’s somewhat notorious for misleading unwitting homeowners, Hans Heating and Air’s uncompromisingly honest and ethical business approach proudly sets them apart from the rest. Hans Luquire, Founder/Owner, and the rest of his team, believe that honesty and integrity are the fundamental cornerstones of everything that they do, and their unwavering dedication to operate honestly and ethically insures that you will never be taken advantage of, mistreated, or misguided.